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    Month: November, 2016

    The Photo Studio Part 2 – Dustin Steele -amp; Anthony Jones

    24 November, 2016 (05:00) | Uncategorized | By: Webmaster

    Jace Chambers is calling his assistant Anthony Jones into the photo studio. He tells Anthony to get things cleaned up and upload the photos from his camera. Anthony reminds Jace that he is doing a test shoot of his own and asks one more time for perm…

    Big Dick Rental – Mike De Marko -amp; Mike Maverick

    17 November, 2016 (05:00) | Uncategorized | By: Webmaster

    Mike D is showing Mike M the available rental space and they discuss him renting it. Mike asks if Mike D comes with the space and he notices a very large visible cock line in Mike’s jeans. They seduce each other and soon they are kissing and groping …

    Big Cock Vacation Part 2 – Sean Duran -amp; Noah Donovan

    10 November, 2016 (05:00) | Uncategorized | By: Webmaster

    Noah has led Sean into his bedroom where they find Noah’s dog hanging out on the bed. Based on their conversation we discover that Sean is Noah’s ex-boyfriend and he is going to be watching the house while Noah and Trey go on their trip to Paris. After…

    Big Dick Tech Part 2 – Mike De Marko -amp; Alex Torres

    3 November, 2016 (04:00) | Uncategorized | By: Webmaster

    We see Mike sitting at his desk and he is counting money. Noticeably absent from his desk is his laptop. A knock at the door and Alex walks in. Mike asks him where his laptop is, but Alex informs him that it is not ready. Alex also tells Mike he wa…