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    My Male Cherry Popped at Pondicherry University – Gay Indian Sex Story

    24 July, 2018 (18:43) | +gay indian sex stories | By: Menseekingmen

    I was thrilled to be going to Pondicherry University. It took some time to figure getting around the school and town. So I thought the summer before I would get used to the town. I stayed in a hostel for this purpose and would seek out highlights of the town each day.

    I went in the college before I had registered and the security thought I was a thief even though I explained I just wanted to look around. He took me to his boss. His boss looked me up and down. He had a sexy look like Panjabi MC. I felt a twitch in my cock. He told the security to leave. As the security officer left, his boss stood. I could see the outline of his cock.

    He came face to face to and my hand quickly touched his cock. He looked me in the eye and put his hand on my head. I went down on his luscious cock. I was into this fat cock. I was working myself into a sweat just sucking his cock.

    I took off all my clothes with the sweat pouring off my body. He lifted me up and sat me on the desk. He spread my legs, licked my ass as started fucking the shit out me. There was no need to jerk my cock off. I was cumming in little bits as his cock slid in and out of ass.

    He started jerking my cock and I exploded feeling his fat cock in my ass and the lovely feeling of a great deep orgasm. He caught spraying his load over my sweaty body. I cleaned up in the bathroom and everything worked out great.
    I continued to see Dhani for the full time I was at the university.

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