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    My Number One Man – Gay Black Business Man Sexstory

    18 August, 2018 (19:08) | Uncategorized | By: Menseekingmen

    I’m a bike messenger in New York. The job comes with a lot of perks. One of the best perks is my almost free apartment. I got this by getting in good with Steve. He was originally Mr Perkins but that all changed. We met as I was delivering parcels for his real estate empire. He has buildings scattered around the city from midtown Manhattan to the Bronx and Brooklyn. Everytime he changes something around he has to spread the news in paper from his employees to tenants. And though I looked at it as a lot work riding around the city at first. I came to love and appreciate it.
    Steve is a 6’5″ tall black guy. His early years were spent in sports, basketball, football, running. It still shows in his hot muscular build even when he’s wearing suit. One day I caught myself checking out his bulge. Apparently, he did too because he ordered me to the bathroom in his office. He ordered me on my knees and whipped out his cock. It was no ordinary cock. It was thick as a beer can and ten inches or more long. I know both of my hands could be around it and there’s still more room left to hold.

    I got down on my knees and started sucking the member. I loved the feeling as it slid in and out of my mouth. He was getting bigger and to deep throat it, I had to adjust my throat not to gag. I gagged anyway but that only made him harder. He took my head forced it on his cock. I was hard now too and started to jerk off. I was sucking his cock taking it all by now and precum was dripping. I loved the taste of his cum as it slid down my throat. Faster and faster I sucked him till he sighed blowing his massive load down my throat. I came too shooting my load on the floor.
    That was our first sex experience. Since then, we’ve been getting together at least once week. Now I have my own almost free apartment. I only pay utilities. He may be married with kids and I’m a side piece but with a free apartment what better deal could you ask for? My relationship with him is better than when I had a full time lover! On some weekends, we go away to his second home. He tells his wife he’s on his church’s sabbatical.

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