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    Asian Men Seeking Men, Find Hot Gay and Bisexual Asian Men

    asian men seeking men

    Outpersonals has Asian men from all parts of Asia, the US and around the world. From China to Japan to the Phillipines and Thailand , you can meet up with hot Asian Ass and cock. From chatrooms to photo exchange to outright fucking , it’s all at Outpersonals with gusto!

    The basic membership is free . To enjoy all the benefits of Outpersonals , a paid membership is best. You can have an entire year of Outpersonals for $130, this includes a six month membership bonus for a total of a year and a half. It’s good for cruising members who are looking for sex only. The popular plan is the three months at $60 , this includes a bonus month. For those who are looking for pals and lovers this is the most popular plan. And there is a one month plan for $30. One month often isn’t enough time to hook up and find the right guy. You will probably get a date but to get the best man usually another date or two with another guy will help keep things in perspective. I would recommend the three month or year plan as best.

    At Outpersonals you can check out the hot community section with dating advice. Information for closet case Queens, safe sex advice, dating tips. You will also find sex stories and real member’s adventures here as well. The hottest section of Outpersonals is the Live Video section. See member’s hot home videos or chat with them in live webcam chatrooms, there is another webcam chatroom there as well. And you can always chat in the gay chatroom with someone there all the time.

    Outpersonals is great . There are many outwardly gay people but you will also find alot of married and bisexual people there as well. There is something for everyone.

    bradfordboy2 said

    I have met 3 men on Outpersonals and one is a regular. I discovered my desire to have sex with men when I was 19 and haven’t had sex with a man for 20 plus years so when I joined Outpersonals, I was very excited and my experience has been wonderful. thanks Outpersonals.

    bossam said

    I travel regularly and recently had a trip to DC. Through the chat room, I met a guy and we eventually started emailing one another. WE met while I was in DC and in it turned out to be a true friendship that I expect to continue for years. I will confess that I forgot briefly of the OP rule in the chat room of not giving personal info, like other email addresses or phone numbers. That is for our protection, you know. Therefore, I was banned from the chat rooms for 24 hours to remind me. I hope that I will remember the next time. Had I not met Eric in the chat room and then emailed for a while, I would not have had the opportunity of having such a great new and exciting friend. Thanks OP.

    Make Your Own Success Story at Outpersonals

    Make Your Own Success Story at Outpersonals