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    Black Men Seeking Men Meet Hot Gay Bisexual Black Men

    Outpersonals has hot Black men from all parts of the world, the US and Canada. The Caribbean , South America , Europe and more. Hot gay and bisexual Black men. Huge luscious big black cocks ready to stick it down your throat or deep in your ass and ram you till it explodes in cum. From long term relationships, to one nighters , meet all kinds of Black men who have all the qualities you’re looking for at Outpersonals

    The basic membership is free . To enjoy all the benefits of Outpersonals , a paid membership is best. You can have an entire year of Outpersonals for $130, this includes a six month membership bonus for a total of a year and a half. It’s good for cruising members who are looking for sex only. The popular plan is the three months at $60 , this includes a bonus month. For those who are looking for pals and lovers this is the most popular plan. And there is a one month plan for $30. One month often isn’t enough time to hook up and find the right guy. You will probably get a date but to get the best man usually another date or two with another guy will help keep things in perspective. I would recommend the three month or year plan as best.

    At Outpersonals you can check out the hot community section with dating advice , including interracial dating. Information for closet case Queens, safe sex advice, dating tips. You will also find sex stories and real member’s adventures here as well. The hottest section of Outpersonals is the Live Video section. See member’s hot home videos or chat with them in live webcam chatrooms, there is another webcam chatroom there as well. And you can always chat in the gay chatroom with someone there all the time.

    Outpersonals is great . There are many outwardly gay people but you will also find alot of married and bisexual people there as well. There is something for everyone.

    Success Stories from Outpersonals

    volvo09 said

    while surfing last nite I came across the hottest guy from Nashville. You know he wasn’t extraordinary in any way but I was so turned on by his pic as he lowered his white shirt down just above his bare ass. We chatted on IMC for awhile and my cock was rock hard and dripping with excitement. I felt my heart racing which I suppose is a little wierd for just a chat encounter. He’s about 500 miles from me but I want to go see him so bad I’m going to make point of swinging through Nashville on my next trip north. Its funny, I viewed dozens of really hot guys this past week but this guy really lit me up. I guess chemistry is still alive and well. I hope everyone can find their hot guy on here. It takes alot of looking.

    ricky21ug said

    Well being gay is wonderful but to me in my country Uganda it has not been good because I don’t have a partner ever since my partner left me. I only masturbate which can’t help me at all because I have tried as hard as I can but still I have not met anyone good for me my life is full of loneliness I need someone’s help. But till then I have lots of fun on the cams and chatrooms. People say they’re coming to Uganda for a vacation. So at least I have some void filled but want and need more.

    thank you

    ed76006 said

    Im fairly new to m4m, newly bi. Ive been iso a big muscular well endowed Black man from the very beginning. Its only been a few months, but its the fantasy that got me started. I’ve met a few that were close on other sites, and had fun. Today I found it here. Exactly what I had been looking for actually found me. It was everything and more, again, and again. If I had been on any other site chances are it never would have happened. Outpersonals has so many features you don’t see anywhere else. It felt sooo good…

    Read Member’s Hot Sex Stories and Adventures with Black Men at Outpersonals

    My first experience with a black man was real good, but I
    was scared of him because he was a big guy all the way around,
    and had an attitude. I was sitting on a bench downtown. He
    was going into the old Flame Bar, a gay hole in the wall type
    of place. I was young and was wanting to go in, but I didn’t
    want any of my school friends see me go in there. So, I just
    walk fast down the street and dipped into the bar stealth-fully.
    I went in and sat towards the back of the place. I wasn’t
    there for a minute when the black man walked up and asked
    if I would like company.
    His sheer size made me nervous, but I that feeling of passiveness came over me and I saidsure. He asked if I were meeting someone here and I said no.I just eased in, he then asked if I wanted a drink, sure I said, and he called the bartender and he brought me a drink. I was 18 or 19, at the time, but the bartender didn’t even
    look at me; he just set the beer down and walked away. I thought
    to myself “sweet”, I liked that.
    This black guy had me talked into going with him before I finished the
    beer, and I didn’t notice he was drinking soda. It turned
    out he was sober, and held a good job too. On the way to his place, he grabbed the back of my head by the hair and said “when we get there you just take your
    clothes off as soon as I shut the door, GOT IT BITCH”.

    Check out the rest of this story in the Erotic Stories section. This is a real member adventure called “My First Black Guy”.
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