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    Note to my Followers and Submitters, MOBILE APP USERS- NEW DASH…

    11 November, 2017 (07:06) | activity, app, application, hugethingsss, tumblr, tumblr app | By: hugething=sss=

    Note to my Followers and Submitters, MOBILE APP USERS- NEW DASH FILTER Setting.

    what you are seeing is a HUGE dip in my activity (-90%). This is the result of Tumblr’s new “genius” dashboard preference “best stuff first”  that was rolled out this week. Unbeknownst to many, this automatically defaults to being on, and
    overides the chronological order of your dash, and filters what you are
    motherfucking seeing.

    If you want to see FULL hugethingsss please do yourself a favor and turn the setting off. Don’t let them
    smother our content. And pass the word on! I can only hope you
    are seeing this!

    These settings can only be found on the app, and only affect how
    Tumblr works on the app. But this is how the vast majority of ya’ll NSFW
    fiends do your one-hand tumbling and  I would assume makes an impact. I
    don’t think it applies to web/ desktop version. Conspiracy theories
    aside, I thought you shoudld know.

    1) On the mobile app, go click on the cog/gear and go to global settings.


    2) Select Dashboard Preferences, and in Best Stuff First  TURN THE FUCKER OFF.


    What fucking algorithm determines what I want to see???? UGH.

    Due the update “best stuff first” – please check the archives from
    last week. there are a lot of perfect cock submissions from my beloved

    DONE! Please pass this on so that people know. Thank you very much.