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    Mature Men Seeking Men Hot Sexy Older Gay and Bisexual Daddies

    Outpersonals has hot mature gay and bisexual men – hot sexy gay daddies lusting for sex. Some are out others are just starting to explore their gay sexuality. Will you be their teacher? Meet secure, mature gay men at Outpersonals for friendship , sex, love, sexting, webcam chat and all around pals. You will find gay and bisexual men who have all the qualities you’re looking for at Outpersonals.

    The basic membership is free . To enjoy all the benefits of Outpersonals , a paid membership is best. You can have an entire year of Outpersonals for $130, this includes a six month membership bonus for a total of a year and a half. It’s good for cruising members who are looking for sex only. The popular plan is the three months at $60 , this includes a bonus month. For those who are looking for pals and lovers this is the most popular plan. And there is a one month plan for $30. One month often isn’t enough time to hook up and find the right guy. You will probably get a date but to get the best man usually another date or two with another guy will help keep things in perspective. I would recommend the three month or year plan as best.

    At Outpersonals you can check out the hot community section with dating advice , including interracial dating. Information for closet case Queens, safe sex advice, dating tips. You will also find sex stories and real member’s adventures here as well. The hottest section of Outpersonals is the Live Video section. See member’s hot home videos or chat with them in live webcam chatrooms, there is another webcam chatroom there as well. And you can always chat in the gay chatroom with someone there all the time.

    Outpersonals is great . There are many outwardly gay people but you will also find alot of married and bisexual people there as well. There is something for everyone.

    Success Stories from Outpersonals

    martian4u1 said

    I recently met a man about half my age on Outpersonals. Wow what a cock he had . I have never gagged before, but this one was huge. When he stuck it in my ass , I thought it would rip me in half. I loved it!!

    halrick said

    Morning Men, Rick and I met online, a little over a year ago. I invited him to come to Marshall for the Thanksgiving Holiday…he never left.. We really hit it off. We have so much in common, including a hot sex life. We are a deeply committed couple, but not monogamous. We only play together, with other couples or single men, who enjoy the company of totally masculne men. We have a small farm, just south of Marshall, tx and welcome new friends to visit us, as we are pleased to host your visit. Life is grand. We work together on opposing shifts, inthe Oil Field. No fems here, just two regular country guys, seeking good times with good friends. We plan on hosting multiple guests, for the fun and enjoyment of all. Please holler back at us and we can share more about us, while learing more about you. Best REgards, Hal and Rick Lazy Daze Ranch (Future home of an All Man Campground) OutPersonals

    WAGRANT said

    I was desperate for a cock after years of denial. So I joined OUTPERSONALS, posted pics and searched, and winked, and emailed. No joy. Suddenly POP. A message popped into the web window. From somebody I had not contacted. A younger bloke. I was dubious. Although older, I am still in good shape. But why would he want me? It was my profile! He liked the ME that peeked though the words. I parked outside his pad at seven thirty in the evening. Would he hate me on sight? Would he have stained teeth? What if I couldn’t get a cockstand? No worries. He smiled. We had a beer. He sat next to me. Chatted. Then took my hand. We held hands for ten minutes. ‘Take my cock out, ‘ he said. So I did. What joy. Just what I wanted: a short hard cut one. He kissed me. We tore out clothes off. We rubbed our cocks together. We came four times that night, rubbing and sucking and fucking.

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    It was the first time I ever saw him, He had come into my work while I was at the front counter. We get about 10 customers a day so I started explaining what we do, as I was explaining, I started to notice how he was looking at me with a piercing stare and before I realized it I became very aroused, I started to become a little flustered. He was probably in his late 50’s, powerfully built, gray hair and gray moustache, but it was an “air” about him, firm, confident, 100% masculine, in charge. He asked a few more direct questions and while I was answering I became more and more turned on. I moved closer to the counter to cover my erection from my straight co-worker and so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of this customer. I wasn’t sure if he noticed, I didn’t have a clue if he did notice or what his reaction would be, he was probably 100% straight and I was in my workplace, besides I’m not that experienced and I’m not out and I have never even tried to meet someone while I was at work.

    I felt “weird” but I was still answering his questions when he said. What’s your hours? I told him “OK I’ll be seeing YOU” and he turned and walked towards the door, I had to stay at the counter for a bit to let my hardon subside so I kept facing the door. He turned as he opened the door and looked back and I was looking straight at him. I was a little embarrassed and hoped that I hadn’t said anything stupid, I felt like a timid little bitch meeting a celebrity. I’ve always been attracted to Mature, Controlling, Confident Men, but I’ve fought that my whole life, trying to be sraight and fit in, while secretly fantasizing about being a cumslut to a man like that. I’m in my early 40’s and that desire has just grown stronger and stronger, I’ve only been with a few men and it never lived up to what I wanted so I was still fighting what I know was the real me.

    Check out the rest of this story titled, Mature Customer, in the Erotic Stories section.

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