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    Success Stories from Outpersonals

    martian4u1 said

    I recently met a man about half my age on Outpersonals. Wow what a cock he had . I have never gagged before, but this one was huge. When he stuck it in my ass , I thought it would rip me in half. I loved it!!

    doogie29 said

    Couldn’t believe it! Within a few days of becoming a member and posting my picture, I had several responses. Although I am just visiting, and only became a member to meet people for a sexual experience and a holiday fling… I was suprised. I met many folks for a sexual (many folks.) But more importantly I’ve made some new friends. Friends I took time to visit and now we have made arrangements for them to cum visit me back home in England. Thanks Outpersonals!

    inthecloset45 said

    Like my nick, I’m in the closet and might never come out. But at Outpersonals, I get a great relief knowing I’m not alone. It’s like an online Oprah with people thinking the same things I think and feeling the same way. I met with one guy just for some coffee and he’s turned out to be a great pal.


    I love Outpersonals for cruising. I tried Craigslist but found more sense of security here. The members are real and if they’ve been here for a while might have a thing or two written about them by other members.

    Read Member’s Hot Sex Stories and Real Sex Adventures at Outpersonals

    I grew up on a farm and we usually had guys just out of high school help over the summer before going off to college in the fall. One guy enjoyed the work and pay so much he ended up staying with us for almost 15 years. Needless to say we got to know each other pretty well. His name was Dale, and he was a black guy, probably 6’3″ athletic build and He was about 10 years older than me and kind of became a “mentor” in more ways than one. The summer I turned 18 we were out riding around in the truck checking crops, talking about my ex-girlfriend, what party he had been to over the weekend, things like that. But he kept bringing the conversation back around to fucking, when almost out of nowhere he said, I bet your to scared to pull your cock out right here in this truck right now. I was thinking , what could be the harm in that so I popped me cock out just to prove to him I would. Then he dared me to get it hard and ride around like that for at least 5 minutes and since I knew no one could see it but us I gave it a few strokes and my cock stood at attention instantly. He was like damn boy, where you been hiding that thing? And yeah I was kinda proud! Just before we got back to the farm I put it away and we went about our work like nothing had happened, and I really didn’t think a lot of it. The next evening we both ended up working late and by the time we had finished everyone else had left for the day.

    We were sitting in the office talking about the day and what needed to be done tomorrow, when he asked if I thought I could get my cock out and hard again. I was like , why not, so I whipped it out and got it hard. He then said, come over here let me see something, now I know Dale is not gay or even remotely interested in cock so I didn’t think anything of it and walked over to him. I was probably about 2-3 feet in front of him and he said , come closer and I took 1 more step and then all in one motion he swallowed my entire cock in his mouth!! My mind went into a fog. What tha fuck is he doing? Why am I letting a guy suck my cock? And why am I enjoying it so much?! After about a minute he pulled off and looked up at me, chuckled and said, from the look on your face I guess you liked that? All I could mumble was a faint yeah. He dove back down on my cock and licked and sucked like a pro! My mind then thought , good thing I had jacked off twice today or I wouldn’t last long! He moaned and bobbed up and down on my cock like no lady ever has, and after about 15 or 20 minutes, give or take because I was still in a blissful, scared, confused , fog, I felt my balls tighten and unloaded a huge load down his throat and he never slowed down, taking every last drop joyfully. When he had sucked me dry he pulled my pants up, said it was time for me to get home, and that this needed to be our little secret.

    Read the rest of this story titled, Down on the Farm, in the Erotic Stories Section